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Are you HIPAA compliant?

We are fully HIPAA compliant. We make great efforts to maintain our clients privacy and strictly follow the guidelines put in place by HIPAA. If you have a particular policy that your practice requires we will be happy to oblige.

Are you available for daytime backup or after-hours coverage?

We can provide after hours coverage, 24/7/365 coverage and everything in between.

Are you dependable?

Yes, we have fully redundant call centers each backed with its own external power supply. Even if a local grid goes down, we stay up and running.

How do I know that messages will reach me?

We offer a variety of backup systems and protocols designed to ensure that your urgent messages reach you every time. We monitor all outgoing fax, email and page transmissions and follow-up on them. We keep backup phone numbers on file to call you directly in case you are not able to receive messages in via the method of your choice.

How quickly can my messages be delivered?

You can receive your messages in real-time.

Can I receive a backup copy of all my messages?

Yes. We'll fax, e-mail or mail your messages to you daily.

What types of medical accounts can you handle?

We can handle all types of medical accounts. We provide medical answering services to a wide range of health care professionals including Clinics, Doctors and Physicians, as well as Hospitals.

Can you record calls?

Yes. We have a web-enhanced Voice Logger that will allow us to record all (or a select percentage) of your calls. These recordings are excellent for quality assurance or training measures. This powerful feature also quickly eliminates any potential misunderstandings or call disputes. With Voice Logger, you can be confident that you know exactly what happened on a call.

How do I listen to recorded calls?

Simply use our portal interface and go online to log into your account. Listen to recorded calls right over the web.

How do I know you are answering my calls properly?

We continuously train our agents to meet the highest levels of quality and performance. Additionally, we offer you the convenience of recording your calls using our Voice Logger technology.

How do I make changes to my 'on-call' schedule?

You can send your changes by e-mail, fax or phone. For customers using MDCOVERED portal, simply log into your account and make changes to your on-call schedule in real-time.

Can I receive call activity reports?

Yes. We can deliver call activity reports to you on a regular basis via e-mail,fax or mail. You can also access reports online using our interface.


Call: (408)876-4392
Fax: (800) 918-7118
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