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Are you able to attend all calls coming into your office? Our 24x7 answering services enable you to respond to all calls coming into your office.
Are your clients happy with the response they receive when they call? Our trained answering service staff will ensure complete satisfaction for your clients. Telephone courtesy to your clients is a service that pays off significantly. By creating a positive first impression and establishing a good rapport with your clients you can turn every caller into a satisfied customer.
Are your callers on hold for a long time? We ensure that your callers are not put on hold by attending all call within the first three rings.
Do you have complete peace of mind when you are away from your Office? You will have complete peace of mind knowing that even when you are out of office, short-staffed, on vacation or simply resting, we are there to answer your calls and respond. We provide an effective extension of your office by acting as you virtual office assistant!

Do you often find your voicemail empty?

This could be because callers who could not reach you, decided not to leave a message. Not reaching a live operator each time might cause dissatisfaction to your clients. It is also possible that potential clients who are not able to reach a live operator will not leave a message and possibly call some other practice
Are your Clients able to contact your office 24x7? We offer 24x7 answering and appointment services. This ability will not only increase your Clients’ satisfaction but also enable Clients to schedule appointments during non-business hours.

Call: (408)876-4392
Fax: (800) 918-7118
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