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Are you worried about the pending Accounts receivable (A/R)? Our experienced team will work on all the A/R accounts and we can guarantee that the average A/R days will be brought down significantly.
Does your practice have to write off uncollectible balances quite often? We streamline upfront collection process by providing proper information to the office front desk.
Do you have a difficult time, or lose money in, retaining or hiring experienced billing staff? Our experienced billing staff will always stay with you resulting in reduced hassle and overhead and improved cash flow and collections. Your overall costs will be trimmed.
Are you able to do proper follow-up on all your unpaid claims? We will thoroughly follow-up on all unpaid claims, irrespective of the dollar value.

Is your current billing service motivated to collect small amounts?

We have a motivated team to work on all accounts whether big or small. Your collection is our incentive!
Do you aggressively pursue overdue accounts? Do you have staff specifically trained in this area? Our staff is specifically trained to diligently pursue all overdue accounts. We offer a complete business solution to your medical billing and practice management needs, and we do it all for one fee.

Call: (408)876-4392
Fax: (800) 918-7118
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