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MD Portal is an integration of various portals which enable Doctors to manage their day to day office tasks, transcriptions, after-hour calls, and much more online. It provides a secure workspace for Doctors so they can work with patients, vendors & partners from anywhere, anytime.

The MD Portal simplifies and streamlines patients’ life by allowing them to do most of their tasks online from anywhere, anytime. This saves time and money for the Doctors and the Office Staff. Using MD Portal, the Practice can literally run 24x7!!!

In addition, MD Portal also helps Doctors and Clinics to understand their website traffic and Practice trends. This data is used to optimize their websites continuously.

MD Portal can be customized to the Client’s needs, or if they already have a website, MD Portal can be seamlessly integrated into the existing website! Either some or all MD Portal functionality can be integrated into the Client website. We have many flexible options to suit every need. Contact us now to learn more.

Office Portal

Using the Office Portal, users can constantly be in touch with their Office and can literally work from anywhere, anytime whether they are traveling or just away from the Office! Contact us now to learn more.

Transcription Portal

Doctors can manage all dictations and transcribed reports in one place using the Transcription Portal. This portal automates the entire transcription process and helps Offices to converge towards a paperless Office. Contact us now to learn more.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal allows patients to finish all appointment related paperwork prior to the appointment itself.! It enables them to do most routine tasks online giving increased convenience to patients and saving time for Doctor and Office Staff! Contact us now to learn more.

Web Portal

The Web Portal gathers and computes various web statistics for the website. Analysis of the web statistics enables Medical Practices to:

Track their web site traffic
Understand Practice trends
Optimize their websites
Cut costs



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