Advantages for the Doctors
Only need to dictate the demographics ONCE for each patient: From then on just say the patient name and we will use the previous demographic information for that patient.
Template driven: Only dictate the changes, no need to dictate subheadings. The latter remain the same.
Send, receive, edit, fax and email files from anywhere using our HIPAA compliant secure web portal.
Dictate using the medium of your choice: Phone or Digital voice recorder.
Advantages for the Office Staff
User friendly web portal: Easy to navigate, lets you do everything from your account. You can send and receive reports, search for old reports, fax or email reports, or contact our customer support 24/7.
Multiple ways to search for reports: Search for reports by patient name, doctor name, date, filename, number of days.
Convenience: Email or fax reports from your account to other Doctors or to the Insurance companies
Report logs: Complete log of when a report was emailed or faxed.

Call: (408)876-4392
Fax: (800) 918-7118
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