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For urgent transcriptions, are you able to get reports within a few hours? With us you can get reports within 4 hours to 48 hours depending upon your need.
Are you spending too much time and money in sending out tapes and reports via mail? Our web-based transcription service is very easy to use - one click upload and download of reports! No software experience needed!
Are you tired of dictating the same demographics for an existing patient each time? With us you only need to dictate the demo-graphics once for each patient.
Are you limited to using a particular computer due to proprietary software? Do you have the flexibility to upload your voice files from any computer? With us there is no need to depend upon a specific computer or software. You can send your voice files from any computer.

Are you able to access your data from anywhere in the world?

We offer you the ability to securely access your files from anywhere in the world.
Are you protected against losing all your reports and data if your computer gets infected by a virus or dies due to a hardware failure? With us you never lose any reports! All your reports are backed up on our secure servers. If you want, you can even edit and save your reports on the server itself.

Call: (408)876-4392
Fax: (800) 918-7118
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