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What is the cost of designing a custom medical website?

We design feature-rich websites at affordable costs. There are a range of website solutions to choose from: Starter, Pro and Premium. The cost of your website will depend upon the set of features, the number of pages and the number of images that you select for your website. Please see the 'Plan Comparison & Pricing' chart for more details.

What is the payment schedule for website design projects?

We work closely with you to assure a successful project is produced in your budget range. We guarantee the cost of the project and don't have any hidden or unexpected expenses.
Payment terms are:
1. Discussion of Web Design Project: No-Charge
2. Approval and Start of Project: 50% payment
3. Completion of Project: 50% payment
Please see the 'Plan Comparison & Pricing' chart for more details on the various pricing schemes.

What warranty and guarantee do you offer?

We stand behind all our work and services:
1. We guarantee that all work will be done to your complete satisfaction
2. We guarantee that the project will be delivered on time
3. We guarantee the project will be produced and delivered to meet your budget
4. We give professional attention to every detail
Our reputation depends on delivering a project that exceeds your expectations.

Are medical website design consultations and project quotes free of charge?

Yes. We will consult with you about your website design project, the needs of your business and how a professional website will impact your business. We understand the importance of exchanging ideas, learning about the marketing goals of your business and where you want to promote your company.

How much time is required to design and produce a custom website?

Depending on the pages and features used in your design project, production time will be anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. We will work with you to collect any materials you possess and wish to use (such as documents, data, logos, photos or images). We will create a professional and image boosting website using state-of-the-art graphic designs, flash animation, custom menu systems and much more.

Will you maintain my website?

We offer full maintenance of your website at a reasonable price.
1. Same day service
2. No minimum charges
3. We can also train and guide you if you wish to perform the basic maintenance of your website yourself.

How do you provide customer service?

We provide 24/7 e-mail and telephone support. We know that same day service is critical to you and to your business therefore we work hard to keep your business productive. Our job is to keep you worry-free about any tasks or issues.

What are the functional features of your websites?

Some of the functional features of our websites are:
1. Downloadable forms
2. Online Patient registration
3. Events Calendar
4. Online Appointment requests
5. Testimonials
6. Online bill payment
7. Interactive forms

What tools does your website offer for marketing my practice and for communicating with my patients?

We provide the following tools to help you market your business and for enhancing the experience of your patients:
Quick contact form
Survey Form
Referral Link


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