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Does a website simply provide information to viewers or can it help you to grow your business? We create websites that serve as powerful functional and marketing tools to streamline your processes, advertise your practice, provide convenience to your patients, increase your patient base and boost your profits.
Can a website help you and your patients to save time? We provide ingenious online services such as Patient Appointment, Patient Registration, Insurance verification and Electronic Bill Pay that are guaranteed to save time for you and your patients.
Can you schedule your patients 24/7? Schedule patient appointments 24/7 through your websites and get empowered to compete with large hospitals.
Can you verify the insurance details of your patients prior to their appointments? Our pre-visit Insurance verification service helps you to screen the patients beforehand thereby avoiding undesirable situations pertaining to inadequate insurance.

Are all your patient forms online?

We create electronic patient forms that can be easily downloaded from your website and be filled out by your patients prior to their appointment.
Can your patients fill their forms online without downloading them? Our websites allow Patients to fill their forms online and all Patient details can be verified prior to the appointment.
Can your patients view their test results and records online? Through our secure websites, your patients can view their test results and records online from anywhere, anytime.
Can your patients register themselves online? Our online patient registration service helps save time for you and your patients.
Is your website acting as a tool to increase your patient base? Increase your patient base through the use of online referrals, blogs, newsletters, viral marketing, and web serach engine optimization (SEO and SEF)

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